A Hybrid Cryptographic System for Dynamic Cloud Groups with Secure Sharing of Data and Proficient Revocation of Users

  • Prerna Agarwal, Dr. S. P. Singh


Cloud computing is an invention on the Internet that enables growing internet administrations including software, hardware, data storage, frameworks, etc. A broad range of security concerns occur as cloud computing includes advances such as networks, virtualization, operating systems, resource planning, load balancing, transaction management, performance control and memory management. Cloud computing is turning into an appealing focus for cyber-crime. Numerous security issues emerge for getting to these administrators in the cloud. The collection of personal information by customers raises new threats to secrecy and integrity in cloud computing environments. Abuse and improper inclusion of customer confidentiality data is a significant problem for data outsourcing; hence it is worth reflecting on CSPs and enforces data access rights. While previous work on an efficient user revocation and safe data sharing was carried out within Dynamic Group Management fields, a void in the relevant research was found