Adopting the Philosophy of Kaizen “To Cut Waste Not Cost” in Difficult Economic Scenario- Covid- 19


  • Dr. Meenakshi Tyagi , Ms. Neha Singh , Dr. Ruchita Gautam , Ms. Renu Sharma


The stories of Japan devastation after world war II are fairly known to the world, many manifested that the fall of Imperial Japan and believed the loss would be irrecoverable, soon after the trauma, Japan started bouncing back and today Japan is famous for its Quality, Delivery and Price, specially one giant automobile company named Toyota, many researchers did extensive study and research to find out the magic formula behind the success of Toyota and what they discovered was “Kaizen”, Kaizen is a Japanese word with literal meaning change for better, or in simple term continuous improvement in what we do, the important condition is improvement should happen on a continuous scale not one time, it should be done on every day, by everybody and everywhere in all the processes in a company.Toyota succeeded in hard times, still today they are doing wonders, Kaizen guided and ensured their success with almost no resources in harsh economic conditions in Japan after war, there are lot of books and articles available on the Kaizen, even most of the companies irrespective size and nature of business in India use Kaizen word in either form but still in real sense something is missing as we have very few companies like Toyota, this paper tried to explore Kaizen philosophy not to survive only but creating a culture of selfsustained continuous improvement in difficult economic scenario, like covid-19 which has created an immense pressure on manufacturing industries to work with limited resources.