Elderly Persons’ Potential Capacity Driving Mechanism through Buddhism Integration

  • Boonton Dockthaisong, Phramaha Krisada Saelee


This article intended to propose the driving mechanism of elderly persons potentials capacity by Buddhism method that revealed that the elderly self help potentials capacity development centers located in monasteries and Buddhist places consisted of location factor, money factor, administrative factor, activity factor, architectural factor, development plan factor, policy factor.  Elderly potential capacity development for self help and national strategy that emphasize the importance of the elderly persons society and promotion  of ideal standard of welfares for elderly persons. The result of this research revealed that  the elderly persons’ potential capacity development centers located in monasteries and Buddhist places must be with the important factors such as places, money, administration, activities, architecture, development plan, policy for elderly persons potential capacity development that boosts up the ability to take care of themselves including national strategies to emphasize the importance of becoming the elderly persons society, promoting elderly persons to have good health according to the ideal standard of elderly persons health.