Justice Intervention Process of Thai Politicians

  • Chirawan Sitthisak, Piyaluk Potiwan, Kittikorn Bamroongboon


The study of “Justice intervention process of Thai politicians” aims to study 1) the cause of government politicians attempt to intervene judicial process and 2) the conformation of government politicians intervention form in judicial process. This study is part of “Political influence on judicial intervention” covers qualitative, was conducted in two methods, including literature review and field study, by interviewing experts. The result founded; in result of the first aspect, the reasons why all governments wanted to interfere judicial process were because they wanted to use power to protect the interests of themselves and their followers including to lay the foundation for power use judicial as a tool to convince people to agree with the government, and prevent mass citizen in challenging the government’s power. In the second aspect, in the past the government politicians interference judicial process by legal direct, The conformation of intervention that the government uses depends largely on the political and administrative context, that is, if it is the era of the military government or the revolutionary era of the coup, the type of intervention will be in the form of state power through law, but if a democratic government is open to the economy, the intervention model will be very complicated by using both state power and capital power.