Employee Experience: An Approach towards Future Organizations

  • Sonal Khandelwal, Dr. Aanyaa Chaudhary


In today’s dynamic and volatile era, the cutting-edge tool to win the competitionis the agile employees of the organisation. Pioneer organisations are moving towards more humanistic and organic approach of employee experience (EX). The multi generational and diverse employees are in pursuit of purpose, expect work life balance and alignment of their professional and personal objectives to that of organisation. Employee experience is the employee centric approach in which human resource managerswork in coordination with the employees.Current human resource management architecture makes use of Information Technology profusely.Design Thinking, Employee Persona Mapping, Employee Cycle Mapping are   applied to enhance employee experience in an organization. The paper is conceptual paper based on literature on employee experience and discusses the concept, evolution, factors, strategies applied to co create employee experience and few models on employee experience. The paper also mentions significance of EX in this hard time when world is facing COVID-19 pandemic.