An Effective COVID-19 Treatment by Mindfulness for Quarantine People

  • Dr. Bundhita Thiratitsakun, Dr. Phramaha Phuen Kittisobhano, Dr. Lampong Klomkul


Currently COVID-19 pandemic had been rapidly spreading around the world which be affected to the physical health and mental health of individual people.  Social distancing is the method to reduce spreading this pandemic. It is to inform all people cooperating to do such as working at home, reducing going out from home, staying at least 1 metre space if we must stay in group, using multimedia i.e. conference call or video call instead of face to face communication. However, the person who be at risk infection must be quarantined at home (home quarantine) or any area where isolated by government (state quarantine or local quarantine) for 14 days to observe yourself, while the people who be infected COVID-19 must be stayed at the hospital to cure by medicine and seriously take care under doctor’s treatment. These 14 days are very crucial period to get the body better, importantly to make our mind to be stronger and stronger in order to release all the pain and psychological symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear and any negative emotion. Mindfulness is one way to get our mental health better from inside and can let us know how to stay during 14 days quarantine for happiness, peaceful mind and physical well-being.  Objective is to study the mindfulness practices for self-quarantine people during COVID-19 situation. Method is documentary study and in-depth interview of self-quarantine people were used for data collection. Buddhist principles were used for the framework of data analysis. The result of mindfulness practices of this study composes of 7 compositions 1) Consciousness 2) Loving-kindness 3) Patience 4) Equanimity 5) Meditation 6) Self-passion 7) Self-effort which used as the effective of COVID-19 treatment for quarantine people.