The Good Social Welfare Development Model for Children and Youth in SaBua Community, Kan Dong District, Buriram Province

  • Saovalak Kosonkittiumporn, Yupaporn Yupas, Pakdee Posing, Sanya Kenaphoom


This research aimed to (1) study the problems of children and youth, (2) study the Good Social Welfare Development Model for children and youth, this research was hold at Sabua Community, Kan Dong District, Buriram Province. The target population 50 key informant. The instrument including the Semi-structured interview and observation, and the data was analyzed by content analysis method. The research results were as follows: 1) the problems of children and youth were found for 4 issue; (a) drug problems, (b) premature pregnancy problems, (c) problem of quarreling among children and youths, and (d) the other misery problems. (2) the Model of the good social welfare for children and youth were “to organize the development activities through the Children and Youth Council”. The Children and Youth Council is a system for participation of children and youth according to the law with interrelated structures throughout the country. The Subdistrict Administration Organization is responsible for promoting and supporting the policies of the central government. Therefore, the children and youth council must play the role in organizing self-development activities, communities, societies. In addition, it is also responsible for prevention and resolution of problems affecting children and youth both directly and indirectly in order to be suitable for current social conditions.