Thermal Sensor Circuit for 5G Wireless Technology


  • C. Senthilpari et al.


In this paper, a simple temperature sensing circuit using thermistor is simulated using MATLAB. This circuit designed to sense the human body temperature. This methodology can be used for smart access system, which temperature sensed the desired value. The physical resistance and temperature computation circuit exhibits the real scenario of a thermistor, when it is acted on an external temperature There is also a voltage amplifying circuit to amplify the voltage from the thermistor and an IF-ELSE circuit, which complements the whole simulation. The IF-ELSE circuit analyses the voltage output from the thermistor and if the value is more than the set value, the circuit is required to output a logic 1 value. An average temperature above 310 kelvins, it is observed that the temperature is decreasing from 31.8 ohms. The voltage from the thermistor is amplified with an approximate constant of 7.95?. The IF-ELSE circuit, analyses the voltage output from the thermistor circuit and compares with the average chosen value that is 1.555V. The thermistor can be identified as a very convenient device to detect temperature. This thermal sensor circuit for 5G wireless technology is very suitable for a smart home security system.