Voltage Mismatch Fault Analysis in Solar Photo Voltaic Systems

  • J. Dani Abraham, R. M. Sasiraja, D. Prince Winston


Solar panels are implied to generate power from the incident sun rays. A few irradiance reaches earth while most of the sun light are shattered and reflected back. Hence the smaller portion of the incident sunlight has to be utilized efficiently. The photovoltaic panels suffer from various hindrances like shadow effect, dust settlement and bird droppings. These factors affect power production of PV panels. A suitable method has to be implemented to meet out the loss and hence the Voltage Mismatch Fault Analysis in Solar Photo Voltaic Systems is proposed. This system introduces a novel technique of connecting diodes such as bypass diodes and blocking diodes at specified terminals for the purpose of bypassing a particular panel or disconnecting an entire leg of the PV system respectively. In the conventional systems, the production of power faced severe oscillations which introduced harmonics in to the grid. Hence the proposed system is framed to eliminate the existing fault. The results of the proposed setup show that the novel design regulated the power supply at the output.