Multi-Criteria Decision Modeling to Select Engineering Service Providers using Fuzzy AHP and Neural Network

  • S. Butdee, K. Thaichiyon


Selection a proper engineering service provider (ESP) needs to consider various criteria which might be different from general service providers because of the new focuses of business model in the industry 4.0. This paper purposes the multi criteria decision modeling using fuzzy AHP and neural network. The FAHP is developed to search for the proper criteria in a specific case of automotive supply chain cluster and select ESP whereas the neural network model is developed for learning and service provider’s performance. Fuzzy rules and experiences are captured from the industry. The ESP framework is developed and the ESPS function is created to select the ESP to match with production environment.The contribution is developed the neural network for learning and performing as the ESPS which benefit to increase competitions of less time and cost as well as required less skilled of operators.