Meaningful Instructional Technology in Programming Learning Using Technology Integration Matrix

  • Hairulliza Mohamad Judi, Nurul Faeizah Husin


Computer programming learning involves challenging tasks. Students are required to understand various programming concepts and to apply these concepts for problem-solving. Continuous difficulties and hardships lead to lack of motivation and participation issues among students. Instructional Technology involves the application of various current technology to support instructions appears to be an essential strategy to promote a desire to learn to program. Meaningful learning in programming courses emphasises the relationship among programming concepts, so students have a strong knowledge structure rather than learning by memorising. This study addresses two specific issues:1) to what extent meaningful technology integration has been conducted in programming courses and 2) to what extent technology integration and meaningful learning strategies have been promoted in parallel fashion in programming courses. The objectives of this study are to assess meaningful technology integration in programming courses and to evaluate the current learning environment using the Technology Integration Matrix. To conduct this study, a sample of undergraduate students at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia obtain 109 students as study respondents. Meaningful technology integration consists of five factors, namely learning technology, learning competence, technology implementation, meaningful learning and contextual learning. The results reveal that all items in each factor show the high category of technology usage except learning technology, as experienced by respondents. The evaluation of the current programming learning environment using the Technology Integration Matrix discovers some evidence of technology integration at the infusion level. The findings in the study may enhance understanding to implement meaningful and to apply technology integration matrix in evaluating programming courses.