Two wire Tether Interface Modem for Monitoring Underwater Pipeline Infrastructure

  • Sagma N.G , Dr. G.R.Gnana King


This paper proposes a wired system for observing submerged pipeline infrastructure. This paper uses a wired tether which is used for the communication between client and server. Raspberry Pi and remote PC both are part of client-server architecture and that is communicated over TCP\IP protocol, also Raspberry Pi communicates with PixHawk over a serial connection. Fathom-X tether allows the use of Ethernet and power over 2 wires and distances up to 300 meters. In this system, we are using a pair of Fathom-x boards for sending information and power back and forth on the PixHawk. This wired network connected to sensor devices that measure specific parameters such as underwater pressure and temperature. Global Positioning System (GPS) also connected to PixHawk to send sensed information from underwater to the topside computer far from the pipeline. A low-light HD USB camera attached to Raspberry pi, which receives control data from raspberry pi and sends pictures and recordings to the remote PC, and they are generally used for underwater surveillance. The wired arrangements give high information rate and exact arrangements particularly for submerged pipeline checking, wired system also provide higher communication bandwidth. On a test with two wire tethers, the data test comes with 81.2 Mbps rate.