• Sonia Johny, Rajesh M., Santhosh Kumar


Brushless DC motor is becoming more popular than the brushed DC motors in sectors like the
automobiles, white product, and industrial applications.If you drive a contemporary automobile, you need to
have detected however the ability steering, power window, and seat adjustment, etc has become. All this has
been attainable with an advanced control system that not solely drive a motor in several speed associate
degree directions however additionally in an economical and smooth manner. A motor management system
is an associate degree electronic control unit that includes a small controller ported with motor drive logic
and integrated with another control peripherals.BLDCM is additionally known as a static magnet BLDCM
area unit used for shopper and industrial applications attributable to their compact size, controllability, and
easy frame. during this variety of motors the mechanical switch utilized in brushed dc motors is replaced
with electronic switches fitly driven by associate degree electronic circuit this feature permits to get
associate degree rising of dependableness and potency of the motor itself and an extended in operation life
because of the absence of brushes erosion. Another advantage of BLDCM is that at constant power and so
for equal motor torsion and provide voltage values since there are not any brushes, they can be factory-made
with reduced dimensions ensuing thus additional appropriate for applications that need smaller volumes and