Model of Human Resources Management, Organizational Development and Organizational Culture for UAE Public Institutions

  • Salem Ibrahim , Norliana Sarpin


This paper presents a study on developing and evaluating PLS-SEM model on human resource
management in organizational development for UAE Public Institutions using SmartPLS software. The data
used for the modelling was generated from questionnaire survey where a total of 600 questionnaires were
distributed to respondents that are currently working in human resources management department, of which
369 responses were found to be valid. The data generated from the survey was analysed using descriptive
statistic to ensure that the data are suitable for the modelling exercise. Finally, the data was used to develop
the SEM-PLS model according to the conceptual model and this model was then assessed to ensure that the
model is valid after the generated goodness of fit values are achieved. The model is a mediation model which
comprises of three constructs namely human resource management, organizational development and
organizational culture. The assessment on the model found that human resource management has a positive
effect on organizational development. It also found that organizational culture has some effect to the
relationship between human resources management and organizational development. The findings from this
research could further strengthen organisations structures and creating a new output by improving the
management tool. In conclusion, this new model is a viable tool for human resources management departments
in UAE’s public institutions.