Structural Relationship between Knowledge Management and Project Management Performance of UAE Organizations Using SEM-AMOS analysis

  • Eman Mohammed Alhammadi* , Rozilah Kasim


The impact of knowledge management on project management performance success has not been
researched enough by using both the infrastructure and process capabilities for business organization sector
in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hence, this research was conducted to develop relationship between
knowledge management and project management performance in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study
identified factors related to knowledge and project management process as a major concern for improving the
performance of small and medium-sized enterprises for sustainable development purposes and increasing
investment by small and medium-sized enterprises. These factors were used as the main content of
questionnaire development. The questionnaire survey respondents are from Dubai and Sharjah business
organizations. The collected data was used to develop measurement model and analysed using confirmatory
factor analysis of AMOS software. It was found that the developed model has moderate explaining power.
Based on hypothesis testing, it was found that the impact of knowledge management on the performance of
projects in the UAE has achieved. The findings from the results of this study can be further investigated by
conducting case studies qualitatively. Hopefully this findings will lead to boosting the region's effective
project management.