Foreign Workers And Indonesia

  • Dr. Abubakar Iskandar, Maria Fitriah, S.Sos. Drs. Daden Fikruzzaman, Dra. Sukarelawati, M.Si


Being a discussion of foreign workers in the company. This discussion was due to an increase in
85,974 foreign workers (Directorate of PPTKA, 2017). Based on PPTKA Indonesian Ministry Of Labour
data shows that foreign workers in Indonesia in 2018 reached 353,630 people (Indonesian Ministry Of Labour,
2017). The consequence caused unemployment of Indonesian workers to increase by 7.01 (Statistics
Indonesia, 2017). On the other hand, the recruitment of workers in 7,218 companies in Batam City is carried
out without discrimination. This needs to be seen whether the arrival of foreign workers marginalizes
Indonesian workers and prioritizes foreign workers. The research objectives are: analyzing the compliance of
foreign companies with the applicable regulations in terms of recruitment of workers, describing the assistance
of foreign workers, and explaining the payroll systems standards for workers. The research uses quantitative
and qualitative approaches. Data collection techniques were through interviews, observation and
documentation, by 80 people samples. Data were analyzed by content analysis, product moment correlation
and Likert scale. PT. Kemet did not bring in foreign workers but recruited 397 Indonesian workers. Foreign
experts accompanied by a hundred people more than Indonesian workers, In general, the amount of salary
earned by Foreign Workers and Indonesian Workers at PT. Kemet where employees who have jobs or have
skills workers are given a salary following the Regional Minimum Salary.