Consumer Index Preference for Airlines After Pandemic Covid-19: Jakarta Case

  • Pantri Heriyati, Mark Loo, Dewi Tamara, Minsani Mariani


Purpose – This paper examines the consumer preference for travelling with airlines after the pandemic. We
provide attributes for airline from check-in until boarding on the planes consist of three dimensions.
Design/methodology/approach – This study used survey as a quantitative approach. The respondents are
determined to be user of airlines in the last one year, and domicile in Jakarta area. The number of
respondents is 256 with clean survey and eligible to analyze. The survey about health, communication, and
safety dimension use 1-5 Likert Scale from Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree and Strongly Agree,
respectively. We calculate the proportion of each scale and using index to rank the attributes.
Findings – The finding suggested that attributes from dimension health, safety and social are on the top of
respondent’s concern. Therefore, pandemic add to social dimension importance to customers or passenger
attributes preferences. Index value rank in the middle were the mixed of attributes from all communication
dimension (provide update information on pandemic and repetitive instruction on health protocol on board),