Machine Learning based Smart Digital Assistant for Traveler


  • K. V. Prasad, Sanjay Gandhi Gundabatini, Atmakuri Krishna Chaitanya


This present paper proposes the Tourism is leisure or business travel, even touring theory and practice, attraction, lodging, entertainment, and operating revenue industry in our region. The main goal is to provide a recommendation system which contains tour packages to all over India and others with affordable prices. Our work aims to developing the web based application to recommend personalized travel itineraries for both individuals and group of tourist based on their interest preferences.The recommendation system's strategy is to develop current systems by the usage of the Point of Interest algorithm to provide different research outcomes..The technologies used are Geomatic mapping for location which is stored in cloud, also can be viewed in offline.It contains local routes for the efficient travel. Experimental evaluation in Flickr dataset of multiple cites forming links between images sharing common metadata from tourist by using the machine learning techniques.Weather forecasting and seasonal extraction are predicted, the way of traveling to communicate across different places identified.Its provides the mode of transport and government approved guide information. The main approach of this system is to provide the budget for the tourist by using the cost estimation algorithm.