Packed U Cell 5 level Inverter based Shunt Active Power Filter for Mitigation of harmonics in Three Phase Systems


  • Ananthi K., Manoharan S.


Active filter plays a vital role in power quality improvement. Implementation of Packed U cell (PUC)Inverter based shunt active filter for reducing harmonics and compensating reactive power generated by nonlinear loads in three phase systems is discussed in this paper. The proposed model uses PUC5Inverter for compensation. It gives 5 level output with less number of switches, single DC source and capacitance. PUC5 Inverter is implemented in the Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) which is used to reduce the current harmonics present in the system. It provides better filtering performance for nonlinear loads. DC link voltage is maintained by the PI controller. The reference current is produced by Instantaneous Reactive Power theory. The gating signal required for the inverter is generated by Hysteresis current controller (HCC). The PUC5 based Shunt active filter reduces the source current Total Harmonic Distortion below 5%. The simulation results obtained using MATLAB/SIMULINK for the proposed model provides an appreciable reduction in harmonics and reactive power compensation.