Analysis of Basic Soil Support Based on Field CBR and CBR Laboratory for Road Rehabilitation Lingkar Karawang, West Java

  • Asep Setiawan*, Sandy Radhitya Akbar, Yanyan Agustian


Bearing capacity and density level are factors that affect the stability of the subgrade, therefore it
is necessary to test the bearing capacity and soil density to be used as subgrade whether it meets the required
conditions. This needs to be done to avoid the instability of the pavement layer which can disturb comfort
and even endanger road users and the surrounding community. pavement. The method used was to
determine the bearing capacity of the subgrade based on the CBR of the field with the DCP tool and to know
the carrying capacity of the subgrade stability based on the CBR of the submerged laboratory. From the
research results, it was found that the soil in the optimum moisture content condition, the more compacted it
will increase the CBR (carrying capacity). In the CBR test in the field using the DCP tool, it was found that
the CBR segment was 8.16%. While the subgrade bearing capacity obtained based on the correlation graph
between the subgrade bearing capacity and CBR is 5.7 cm2
. So the type of soil in this test MH (clay silt /
high plasticity silt) is classified in the classification of good soil / very good soil.