The Information Literacy Ability of Housewives in Preventing COVID-19

  • Diah Sri Rejeki


Housewives have an important role in maintaining family health, especially in the midst of this
pandemic, so that information literacy skills are needed for the increasing prevention of COVID-19. The
research method used quantitative, while the data collection techniques were carried out by distributing
questionnaires, observation and interviews. The results showed that based on 8 sub-variables of information
literacy abilities in housewives, it resulted in average, good and very good categories. The average value of
the information contained in the evaluation variables and integration of information. Good categories exist
in the variables aware of information needs, variables aware of the role of information as decision making,
information seeking strategy variables, and information organization variables. Lastly, which is included in
the very good category is the variable identification of information sources and the variable access to
information sources with the presence of housewives who are literate about COVID-19 information, it is
hoped that cases of corona virus infection will soon decrease.