Implementation of “Kampung Literasi” Program A Case Study Regarding to Foster a Reading Culture in Cinambo Bandung, West Java

  • Haria Saputry Wahyuni


“Kampung Literasi” is a program from Indonesian Ministry of education and culture to improve
Indonesian reading culture. Sukamulya Cinambo Village is one of the areas designated to implement the
program. The aim of this study is to investigate further about the background of Cinambo Sukamulya being
chosen as “Kampung Literasi”, to understand about planning process of “Kampung Literasi” Program in
Sukamulya Cinambo, and to identify implementation of “Kampung Literasi” Program in Sukamulya Cinambo.
Qualitative method with study case approach is applied in this study. Data collection techniques are in-depth
interview, observation and literature study. The result revealed that Sukamulya Cinambo is pointed as
“Kampung Literasi” because TBM and PKBM there have already active, so it is expected to be a pilot project
area. Planning program is using bottom-up approach to determine activity based on community needs. Several
programs produced are seminar, training, GEMMA, GEMES, GEMATIK and book publishing.
Implementations mechanism for these programs is “mangutub polled” which involve many parties with specific
target group, but each party is not dependent on delivery mechanism program that have been made