Real-Time Temperature Analysis on Covid-19


  • Sandeep Singh, Mohit Angurala, Manju Bala, Sukhvinder Singh Bamber


With the quick spread of Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), many individuals lost their lives across different parts of the world, thus, need of novel approach or model to overcome the problem becomes necessity. Covid-19 infection has given rise to global crisis all over the world. Examining the possible link of seasonality and climate with the spread of this infection may assist researchers in finding preventive strategies. Thus, in this paper, an analysis is carried out on temperature variation on Covid-19 by analyzing the cases in India across various cities in the states. The selection of states is done in such a way that it considers hottest as well as coldest regions for accurately analyzing the effect on Covid-19. Finally, the numerical data gathered from reliable sources estimates temperature effect on the spread of disease with mortality rate.