A Review on The Development Environment of PE Teachers in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools from The Perspective of Discipline Integration


  • Jun Zhang, Bing Zhang


Due to weak in basic education facilities, rural areas have always confronted problems, such as unreasonable teachers’ structure, lack of educational resources and so on. Commonly, there was shortage of sports, music, information technology and other disciplines teachers. Based on the phenomenon, one concept-integrated-disciplines teacher has gradually implemented. With integrated-disciplines teachers, courses could be set up completely and no need to specially equip with teachers. This avoids “disciplinary tendency” issues earlier in primary and middle schools, and improves students’ development and cognition in an all-around way. In this paper, combining with background of integrated-disciplines teachers, analysis has been made in changes of Chinese sports teachers’ policies and these teachers’ development scale, and also bottleneck in current rural sports teachers development; in addition, suggestions have put forward for these issues, pointing out that rural primary and middle school teachers should continue to improve their discipline skills and adept fields, develop them towards “specialized and versatile”.