Effects of Society, School and Family on Youth Physical Health Education


  • Wanshou Zhang


With the emergency of public fitness activities, youth health education has entered into people’s horizons and become the focus of numerous scholars’ study. “Organization of public fitness activities” share the same root with inscription “developing sports and enhancing people’s physique “made by Comrade Zedong Mao in 1952, and moreover is consistent, continuous and un-alterable. Therefore, public fitness being promoted to national strategy is a historical necessity. In this paper, documents consultation, comparative analysis approach, method of induction was employed, youth physical health education influence structure was set up, effects of society, school and family on youth physical health education were respectively studied. It concluded that society, school and family have played different roles in youth physical health education process, for society, it exerts influences from demands and environment; for school, it directly exerts influence from facilities and system construction; for family, it exerts varied influences from family economic level and family background. Society, school and family should cooperate with each other and jointly escort youth physical health education. The topic provides theoretical base for establishment of youth physical health education influence ways.