Effects of Taijiquan on Sports and Health Education Development from the Perspective of Healthy China


  • Liqiu Zhao, Xiaodong Wang, Yi Zhong


Taijiquan, one of types of excellent Chinese boxing, should emerge and develop to conform to the demands of the era, but also a sports event that integrates self-defense, fitness, self-cultivation and health maintenance after transformation for many phases. It has excellent historical inheritance, and meanwhile an important part of Chinese culture; it transforms and grows during constantly cultural edification and innovation. Method: By consulting books, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Wanfang, VIP and other documents database relative information, searching relevant websites, lots of theoretical evidence was provided for writing papers and making study. Research proved that Taijiquan played very important role in human health. It had universality and non-competitiveness of recreation, which made it very popular among middle-aged and aged people, and consumption thereof was also within bearing capacity of enthusiasts’ life; To promote and develop Taijiqiuan is of profound era significance, which is not only capable of advancing contemporary sports industrial development, but also facilitating exchange among social culture; Guiding thought of Taijiquan contained essence of Chinese traditional culture and thought of philosophy, which can be widely applied in daily life.