Methods and Ways for College Students to Play the Exemplary Role of Party Members Under the Background of New Times


  • Yi Zhong, Liqiu Zhao


In the new era, college student party members, as special groups in the party organization, are the new forces to optimize the structure of the party members, and also an important force to strengthen the party's advanced construction. The Party Constitution clearly stipulates that Communist Party members should give full play to their exemplary role. As a college student party member in the new era, the play of its exemplary role is not only an important yardstick for the grass-roots party building work in colleges and universities, but also an important guarantee for enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organizations. In order to understand the present status of the exemplary role of the contemporary college student party members, better promote the exemplary role of the party members of college students, and on the basis of defining the standard of the exemplary role of the college students, this paper designs the questionnaire from the three aspects of the leader, backbone and bridge of the party members. The Party members and non-Party members of different types of universities are selected as the survey objects, and the conditions and existing problems of the role of university student Party members in playing exemplary roles are analyzed. Aiming at the existing problems, the measures of digital network platform are proposed, and database storage technology and data analysis technology are cited. Through the digital network platform, college students can give full play to the exemplary role of party members and increase their influence.