Synthesis And Study Of High - Silicon Zeolites From Natural Bentonite

  • Fayzullaev N.I., Kholmirzaeva H.N., Normo’minov A.U.


:- The study examined the physicochemical and textural characteristics of natural bentonite in the Navbahor region (Uzbekistan), the methods of their enrichment and activation, as well as the possibility of using high-silica zeolite in the catalytic aromatization of oil gases and natural gas. Calculated distribution of pores by cycles (loops) of isothermal hysteresis r ≈ 8.5 nm. The volume of porosity of the sorbent when the capillaries were filled with water was determined as Vn= 0.135 cm3/g. It has been proved that the shape and size of the crystals formed by the sorbents differ depending on the nature of the structure-forming agents. The obtained zeolites with a high silicon content were treated MoO3 to form two mononuclear and single binuclear complexes, and therefore, the obtained catalyst showed high catalytic activity in the catalytic aromatization of petroleum gases and natural gas. The monofunctional and bifunctional mechanisms of the Langmuir-Hinshelwood reaction were also considered and kinetic equations describing this process were deduced.