Planning of Government Functions in the Integrated Development of Sports and Tourism Industries


  • Hua Zhang


In order to go deeper into research on china’s sports tourism and find a better idea under new situation of industrial integration development. Research methods: apply fuzzy evaluation and alike to study on govern-mental sports tourist facilities management, related personnel training, sports tourism management and the revitalization of sports tourism relevant undertakings. Conclusion: Through the effective evaluation of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of relevant data, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation value of relevant elements is obtained, indicating that the range of each index is within the range of 80-90. Thus, promote the development of sports industry can be integrated with the tourism industry, the government is of vital importance to our country's sports tourism project has developed into a certain scale, but in actual operation, the sports tourism industry still exist certain problems, the existence of these problems to a large extent influence the development of our country's tourism market. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to take timely measures to integrate the sports industry and tourism industry effectively and promote the further healthy development of economy.