General Secretary Xi Outlined the Strategic Thought of Healthy China in Sports


  • Han Jiang


Health for the development of individual and country rich and strong (powerful) is of great significance, there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off, universal health the idea in 2016 officially rise to national strategy, in this paper, the analysis of system requirement and the connotation of the concept of universal health, and from the view of xi, general secretary of the sports and health of China's strategic research, found in the healthy concept of China and is one more health, the national fitness in the "healthy China" has the very high status, social health education needs starting from the cultivation of sports health personnel, at the same time pay more attention to regional differences and the development of the infrastructure resources, For the follow-up study of China's health strategy has carried out a basic analysis. This paper mainly studies the connotation and requirements of healthy China, as well as the health concept of xi. It also analyzes the relationship between national fitness and healthy China, youth health and healthy China, and makes a systematic study on the strategic thought of "healthy China" in sports.