International Sports Central City Influence Evaluation Indicator System Theory and Development Strategy Research


  • Lipeng Liu


The world today is increasingly moving towards internationalization and informatization, international sports central cities appear in sports circle, and these cities have an important impact on international sports affairs. International sports central cities in this article refers to big cities those play an important role in international affairs activities with multiple dominant function, rather developed ones in all kinds of sports undertakings in the world with strong competitiveness and extensive international influence. The paper conducts theoretical research and empirical evaluation specific to international sports central city evaluation indicator system, explains and defines the definition, features of international sports central city and the applied theory thereof through analyzing and studying relevant document and literature data, summarizing formers’ investigation experiences and meanwhile breaking through formers’ ideas, and combines with present international sports central city development situations in recent years to summarize and analyze main influence factors that affect its formation and development as well as development path thereof. At the same time, study of the project also provides theoretical basis for development strategy and relevant policies that are formulated to enable Beijing to become international sports central city. Therefore, the paper involved study is not only a theoretical guidance, but also is of a certain practical significance.