Reduction of FWM Effect in 4x5 GBPS Optical System using Repeater


  • Mohammed A. T. Al-Rubei, Ahmad T. Abdulsadda, Yousif Jawad Nukhailawi, Saif H. Abdulwahed, Ameer H. Ali, Mohannad A. M. Al-Ja'afari


Impairments of optical fiber systems, both linear and nonlinear are big challenges against the quality of optical pulse, it appears significantly in Wavelength division multiplexing system, whereas several optical pulses were companied by the multiplexer and fed into a single optical link. In this paper, equal and unequal WDM channel spacing is achieved by the presence of two compensation technique, Dispersion compensation fibers, and Repeaters. Optisystem version 13 has been used for simulations. Results are taken in form of Quality factor versus Power, showed that an enhancement of 5 order has been accrued in the threshold Power (dBm) position for the case of optical repeater than the DCF situation in term of unequal channel spacing and that is mean longer distance availability.