Research on the Characteristics of Sports Industry and the Mechanism of Development


  • Feng Yan, Mei Hong


On the basis of overall stating sports industrial connotation and traditional sports industries classifying according to types, the paper constructs system frame that includes sports major industry, sports assistance industry and sports correlative industry. By researching and stressing on analysis of sports industrial correlative characteristics, higher output characteristics and labor intensive characteristics, it gets that sports industry is a sunrise industry with development relying on correlative industries development and of environmental protection and sustainable development, and meanwhile the industrial labor intensive characteristics can effective ease employment tension, drive absorption rate of correlative industrial employed person. For sports industry development government regulation impetus and market regulation impetus, it carries out researches, on the basis of analyzing the two regulation (adjust and control) basis and regulation (adjust and control) fields, gets that Chinese sports industrial development needs targeted adjustment strength on market regulation and government regulation, only organic combines the two and then can effective give sports industry dynamic mechanism functions into play.