An Estimation of X-radiation dose using Kvp and Mas.

  • Zahraa M. Rashid, Sadeem Nabeel Kbah, Zaid H. Al-Sawaff


The objective of this study was to determine the x-radiation dose by using Kvp and Mas  for 79 patients undergoing different area of examination at alhillauniversity hospital, Iraq. The truth that exposure the patient to ionizing radiation when they undergo X-ray medical examinationsincreased the risk of developing radiation-encourage cancer  [1]. The purpose of this research was to calculate gateway Surface Dose (ESD) to patients arising from x-ray examination. In addition, compare with another survey.

This study was conducted on different age groups patients from 2 to 70 years old, who exposure to x-ray examinations. In this study, were recorded radiographic exposure factors of each patient for Chest, Abdomen, Pelvic, Lumbar, Cervical, Knee, Foot, Hand and arm. The ESD values were calculated using exposure physics parameters (weight, height, age …). The ESD values were compared with similar published studies.