Fuzzy Evaluation of College Physical Education Public Course Teaching Based on Grey Theory


  • Hongyun Dai, Jiacheng Lan


In recent years, with the improvement of national sports awareness, the importance of physical education has become a consensus. Although not every school can offer so many physical education classes, but a PE class a day is gradually becoming the "standard" in many schools. This is not only welcomed by students, but also recognized by many parents. This paper studies the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of public physical education classroom teaching. Modern classroom teaching concept, physical education and health curriculum concept is the theoretical basis for the construction of evaluation index. In order to establish the evaluation index of public physical education classroom in colleges and universities through empirical research, this paper conducts a questionnaire survey on physical education classroom. In physical education teaching, whether the curriculum arrangement is scientific and reasonable, how the students' physical condition during exercise, whether to follow the pre-course implementation, how to evaluate the students' phased growth and other issues have always been the key concerns of physical education teachers.