Application of Virtual Reality Scene Modeling and Simulation in Smart Tourism Scenic Spots


  • Wei Wei


Smart tourism is a systematic management reform based on the new generation of information technology to provide high-quality services to meet the personalized needs of tourists, and to realize the sharing and effective utilization of tourism resources and social resources. In this paper, virtual reality technology is used to design virtual tourism system based on mirror experience theory. Combined with tourist behavior science and time geography, virtual reality scene modeling and simulation application of smart tourism scenic spots are discussed from two aspects of time and space. Firstly, this paper analyzes the demand of the system from the user's point of view. Then, it formulates the principle and goal of the system design, and gives the overall architecture of the system. The method and technology of 3D virtual scene modeling are analyzed, and the construction of virtual scenic spot scene is deeply studied. Based on the analysis of various virtual scene modeling technologies, the appropriate modeling technology is selected according to the characteristics and needs of virtual scenic roaming system. The use of modeling platform to realize the model construction of scenic entity object, and then build a virtual tourist attraction.