Research on the Negative Effects of Photocatalytic Asphalt on the Elimination of Nitrogen Oxides Emitted by Vehicles


  • Bing Li, Yulong Pei, Wei Shan


A common way to eliminate pollutants emitted by motor vehicles is the use of photocatalytic asphalt materials with visible light responses. In this study, photocatalytic asphalt with visible light responses was prepared using a non-metallic N-modification method. Considering the environmental pollution (dust), natural snowfall, vehicle activity and other factors, this study investigated the purifying capability of the photocatalytic asphalt by lab tests and field tests. The experimental results showed that dust has remarkable negative influence on the purifying capability of photocatalytic road materials. The recovery of water purification is limited and the purifying capability of the photocatalytic materials after snowing decreased by about 20%. Additionally, the purifying capability of the photocatalytic surface, as well as its service life, decreases as the vehicle activity increases.