A Novel TiB2 - Containing FeCrAl Matrix Composite with Neutron Absorption Properties Synthesized by In-situ Process


  • Zhaoyu Wu, Guang Wen


In this paper, Fe-Cr-Al-B-Ti alloy showed excellent hot workability was prepared by vacuum induction melting combined with in situ technology. XRD, OM, SEM and TEM are used to study the microstructure and mechanical properties. And corrosion performance under the condition of the working condition is studied. The addition of Ti successfully improves the phenomenon that boron gathered in the grain boundary, so that the disordered distribution of boron in the matrix avoids the formation of brittle boride at the grain boundary, and this improve the hot workability of the material. With the increase of boric acid concentration, the pitting potential of the sample decreases and the corrosion current density increases. It was found that the corrosion resistance of these alloys decreased with the increase of boron content. Corrosion occurred mainly in the region of TiB2 and was related to the strengthening degree of TiB2.