Why Participate in the International North-South Transport Corridor? Analysis from a Transit Country Perspective


  • Yang Lei, Chengfeng Huang


The International North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC) is a multi-mode network of ship, rail, and road for moving freight between India, Russia, Iran, Central Asia and Europe. After nearly 20 years of brewing and development, INSTC has taken shape. As one of the most important transit countries, Iran plays a key role in the development of the INSTC. This paper analyzes the foundations and progress of Iran’s participation in the INSTC, and further analyzes the multi-dimensional motivations of Iran’s participation in the corridor construction. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and INSTC have sound foundations for cooperation. As the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor and the INSTC meet in Iran, Iran’ s adherence to the concept of open and inclusive development would help improve its transportation infrastructure and effectively promote the economic and trade development of Eurasia, and meanwhile BRI can fully absorb experiences from the construction and inspiration of the INSTC.