Research on Dynamic Evolution of Product Configuration Design Network Considering the Demand Preferences of Customers


  • Tao Yang, Yulin Li, Qiuyue Wang, Jiafu Su


During the process of product configuration design, the original product configuration design scheme may change due to the addition of personalized and diversified demand of customers, which leads to the change of product configuration design tasks and design elements. In order to accurately predict the impact of customer demand on product configuration design and quickly respond to customers' complex and varied personalized, diversified and differentiated demands. In combination with the complex network theory, this paper constructs a complex network model of product configuration design by taking customer demand factors as demand nodes, each sub-factor of product configuration design as supply nodes, the correlation relationship between factors as edge, and the quantitative value of correlation relationship as weight. On this basis, the global parameters that can reflect the influence of customer preference on product configuration design network are selected, the evolution characteristics of related element nodes responding to customer preference demand are analyzed, and the changes of product configuration design network before and after adding customer preference demand are identified, which lays a foundation for further responding to customer preference demand. Finally, the configuration design of a certain manufacturing enterprise model B smart phone product is taken as an example to verify the scientific nature and rationality of the proposed method.