Research on the Policing Cooperation Mechanism of the Yellow River-Crossing Urban Rail Transit in Zhengzhou


  • Liu Qi


Zhengzhou is the demarcation point between the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and an important node city to support the ecological protection and high-quality development along the Yellow River Basin. As an important part of Zhengzhou's strategic development project named “expanding to the East, moving to the north, and developing across the river”, the “Pingyuan new urban area” and the construction of urban rail transit across the Yellow River has been planned. Based on this plan, this paper puts forward the idea of urban rail transit policing cooperation mechanism across the Yellow River, including cooperation mechanism of anti-terrorism and anti-riot with police intelligence sharing, joint service police cooperation, report responding and police cases handling, the training of urban rail transit police cadets, which provides a forward-looking strategic prospect for Zhengzhou's urban rail transit police cooperation.