Research and Exploration on Open Teaching Mode with the Combination of Virtual and Real Experiments for Information and Electrical Specialty


  • Pengying Du, Yunlei Sun, Guohong Chen, Shanshan Liu, Zhuo Chen


In order to improve the training quality of professionals in the specialty of information and electrical engineering, and to cultivate practical ability and innovative spirit of students, the experimental teaching has been significantly reformed according to the discipline characteristics and students’ conditions of the School of Information and Electrical Engineering at Zhejiang University City College, relying on the practical teaching platform. In this paper, the research on the new open teaching mode with the combination of virtual and real experiments for information and electrical specialty is put forward. It is shown that during the practice of this mode, the matching practice platform has been designed, the framework of content has been constructed, the management of teaching process has been reformed, the evaluation mechanism has been established, and the effect of experiment teaching has been enhanced. At the same time, the necessity of designing the combinative mode of virtual and real experiments and the content of the reformed mode are systematically demonstrated. Finally, the teaching reform practice and the construction achievements of the combinative mode are summarized.