A Model and Error Analysis of CSS Ranging in Mine Tunnel


  • Jiang Ensong


CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum) ranging technology is used to measure the distance between the transmitter and receiver in the mine tunnel, which will produce a larger ranging error. However, there is not enough research on the mechanism of the ranging error. Based on this problem, a CSS ranging model for mine tunnel is proposed. The model focuses on the statistical rule of CSS signal receiving end, it can describe CSS signal propagation characteristic in mine by Rayleigh channel effectively, at the same, extract area influence factors which can reflect characteristics of tunnel and multipath delay, confirm multipath signal of minimum power that can be received, and fit them reasonably into multipath power delay profile model which is filed by IEEE802.11 mission group. According to CSS ranging principle, establish the CSS ranging model for mine environment at receiving end. Through a large number of actual measurement tests, the statistical characteristics of established ranging model are basically matched with the measured data, and the model can describe CSS ranging statistics characteristics at receiving end. Conduct analysis based on established model and then achieve several valuable conclusions about underground tunnel CSS ranging such as ranging Error characteristics, The relation between the cross area of tunnel and the ranging error et al. consequently, a concise mathematical formula of underground tunnel CSS ranging errors calculation is given out. The research results have theoretical significance for the design of mine precise positioning system.