Research on Teaching Satisfaction under the Application of Social Media Tools from the Perspective of Multiple Incentives


  • Liu Yong, Fan Zheng, Cindy Millman, Wang Shixin


Education big data has risen to China's national strategy, and the construction of education big data has ushered in major historical development opportunities (Zhang Wei, 2017). Social media, as the collector of the most micro-level education big data, supports the entire data ecology. Social media-based mixed teaching is changing the traditional classroom, but we still know very little about the current status of social media teaching, especially the internal and external environment of social media teaching for college teachers. In this study, a questionnaire survey was used to systematically investigate the satisfaction of college students with mixed teaching based on social media. The study found that in the mixed teaching process, teachers can have an impact on teaching results through multiple incentive modes; among them, spiritual and interactive incentives can have a significant impact on teaching satisfaction; this will provide a useful reference for college social media teaching. Promoting the transformation of the role of teachers in colleges and universities helps to promote the high development of education.