A Sweep Jamming Detection Approach for DSSS Systems Based on Cyclostationary and Hough Transformation


  • Xiaowei Chen, Wenge Yang


In this paper, a joint sweep jamming detection method for direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) systems using cyclostationarity and Hough transform is presented. An existing binary hypothesis test used for detecting cyclostationarity is extended to detect sweep jamming existing in the received signal. The corresponding asymptotic distributions are developed to achieve generalized likelihood ratio test. Only those test statistics which exceed a primary threshold are allowed to be Hough transformed into Hough space. The statistical distribution of a Hough cell is developed and the Hough space probability of false alarm and probability of detection are derived. Simulation experiments show that the proposed cycle detector outperform the Dandawaté detector and energy detector, and the Hough space detection performance improves quite a lot compared with the primary jamming detection by concentrating energy using Hough transform.