The Influence of Knowledge Graph on the Construction of Machine Learning Core Algorithm and the Development Efficiency of Secondary Vocational Textbook


  • Wenxin Zheng


To design the teaching materials that are more suitable for the students in secondary vocational school, the methods of developing the teaching materials in secondary vocational school is discussed. First, the information of knowledge graph is introduced; second, the data mining of secondary vocational teaching material data knowledge base is carried out aided by the classification algorithm of support vector machine (SVM); finally, the top-K algorithm is used to improve the entity matching value of the database, and the empirical analysis is carried out. The research results show that the application of knowledge graph improves the development efficiency, scientificity, and specialization of the teaching materials of secondary vocational school, and can build three-dimensional teaching materials that meet the needs of enterprise development and secondary vocational school students; the use of SVM algorithm improves the classification effect of data in knowledge base; top-K algorithm can be used for entity matching, entity attribute marking, and judgment of compound candidate keywords, and when K is 5, the experimental results of the dataset are the best. When K increases, the F1 value of the two different datasets begins to decrease, and finally reaches a stable state. When ? is greater than or equal to 0.6, the experimental results of book dataset can reach the best. When ? is greater than 0.8, the results of film dataset experiment are the best. The accuracy of the book data set is higher than the recall rate, and the final stability is about 0.98. The top-k algorithm proposed has certain effectiveness and superiority. It can well complete the entity annotation, judgment, matching, and extraction of database resource data in the development of secondary vocational teaching materials, and has certain application value in the development of secondary vocational teaching materials.