Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Gas Solid Two Phase Flow Field in Flue of SCR Denitrification Reactor


  • Yang Yanzhen


In this paper, the numerical optimization of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactor, which is the core equipment of flue gas denitrification project, is studied by using FLUENT software. The standard turbulence model was applied to simulate the flow field in the reactor and its connecting flue under the condition of boiler maximum evaporation. Compared with the experimental results, the maximum error of the simulation results is less than 5%. The reliability of the reaction system was confirmed by the investigation of the velocity field and pressure loss under variable working conditions. The reliability test results show that the numerical simulation model and method can be used in the numerical simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow field in flue of denitrification reactor. The simulation results show that the structure of inclined roof is better than that of flat roof. The curved corner of flue is used to weaken the local high and low velocity region, and the gradual outlet is more conducive to the uniform flow field in the reactor.