The limits of the Mataf and Mas'a A jurisprudential study of contemporary events, and use of technology

  • Faihan Bin Faraj Al-Haqshah, Adel Abdul Fadeel Eid


The problem of this study lies in finding legitimate solutions to the limited Mataf (area of circumambulation around the Holy Kabba) and mas'a, and raising their capacity in light of the large number of pilgrims and visitors, taking into account the difficulty of horizontal expansion of the Mataf and Mas'a, both of which have a legally binding limit, and collect the new legitimate issues related to these expansions. This study included an introduction, a preface, two demands and a conclusion as follows: The introduction included the objectives, problematic and methodology of the study and the definitionof the terms of the study. The boot deals with search terms: " Limit", "Mataf", "Mas'a", "Contemporary events" and "Technology". The first topic dealt with the expansion of the Mataf and the Mas'a, in two demands: the limits of the end and its elements and historical expansion and the rule of this expansion, and the second requirement: the limits of the Mas'a in length and breadth, and the rule of the expansion of the offer of Mas'a and the new expansion and the position of scientists on it. The second topic dealt with the jurisprudential provisions on the expansion of the end and the Mas'a, in three demands, the first: the jurisprudential issues related to the expansion of the Mataf, and the second: use technology in Tawaaf and Sa'i, And the third: the jurisprudential provisions on the expansion of the Mas'a. Then the conclusion, main results of the research, recommendations and suggestions.