Sprinter Competitive Ability Indicator Evaluation Research Based on AHP Analysis


  • Xiuhua Wu, Xingyu Huang


Sprinter sports ability is a kind of ability that reflects by common acting from body shape, physiological ability, kinetic intelligence, sport technique, psychological quality and sports quality. Now athlete scientific talents selection weights and positions that occupy in sports training technique has become higher and higher, ways are also more and more advanced, its comprehensive evaluation methods on human body sports ability also gets closer to athlete himself practical potential. Sprint game, win is the key player in the course of the highest speed, and the ability to maintain the high speed, can directly reflect the speed of athletes in training or competition ability, have good ability to accelerate is an important index for measuring a sprinter, therefore, the acceleration of sprinters after starting running process is also the main content of the daily training target system, in the process of specific speed training, coaches will pass 30m starting and moving 30m as basic training content, but the researchers found that when the long-term use of 30m as a way of training, With the continuous improvement of athletes' sprint performance, this kind of training will bring them a certain degree of negative impact, greatly reducing the training effect under the ideal state. How to effectively improve and reasonably evaluate the acceleration ability of sprinters, and how to select scientific and technical indexes to evaluate the daily training of sprinters and guide them to carry out training are the problems that the majority of athletes and coaches have been paying attention to.