Culture and Art of Ancient Architecture Based on VR Design


  • Yanan Wang


Our country is an ancient civilized country. Ancient architectural culture is preserved by generations of cultural heritage. The protection of culture and art of ancient architecture is not only the inheritance of history but also the culture and art. Due to the passage of time and the erosion of wind and rain, many ancient architectural cultures have disappeared or are undergoing considerable damage. Due to the development of new technologies, the technology relying on the reality has gradually come into people's lives. More efficient is that they can help to achieve the digital protection of architectural culture. Virtual Reality is a specialized technology through digital research. Through the creation of realistic concepts and the advancement of simulation technology, it can comprehensively restore ancient ruins and preserve them for a long time. The value and design art of the ancient ruins must be used by our country's culture so as to achieve the effect of communication and enhance the ties between the nationalities and overseas Chinese in order to build a bridge for cultural development. On the basis of ancient architectural culture and art, this article will use VR virtual reality technology to reproduce the ancient architecture to achieve the purpose of virtual reality. Therefore, the study of this article is beneficial to the origin and circulation of Chinese ancient architectural culture and art.